Monday, February 28, 2022

Public Zoom Lecture: "At Home with the Aztecs", March 10

 I will be giving a public lecture on zoom, focused on my book, At Home with the Aztecs: An Archaeologist Uncovers Their Daily Life.

This lecture is sponsored by the Aztlander magazine:

Time: Thursday, March 10

6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time


Here is a blurb:

At Home with the Aztecs provides a fresh view of Aztec society, focusing on households and communities instead of kings, pyramids, and human sacrifice. This new approach offers an opportunity to humanize the Aztecs, moving past the popular stereotype of sacrificial maniacs to demonstrate that these were successful and prosperous communities. Michael Smith engagingly describes the scientific, logistic and personal dimensions of archaeological fieldwork, drawing on decades of excavating experience and considering how his research was affected by his interaction with contemporary Mexican communities. Through first-hand accounts of the ways archaeologists interpret sites and artifacts, the book illuminates how the archaeological process can bring ancient families and communities to light. Smith’s research also redefines success, prosperity and resilience in ancient societies. Michael’s zoom will be suitable not only for those interested in the Aztecs but in the examination of resilient households and communities across space and time.

This book won the award, "Best Archaeology Book, General Audience Category", from the Society for American Archaeology, 2017.

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