Monday, April 1, 2013

Calixtlahuaca in Hawaii!

The Calixtlahuaca Project is giving a symposium at the 78th Annual Society for American Archaeology meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii this coming week.  The session will run from 9:30 to noon on Saturday, so if you want to hear even more nitty-gritty details of the project, talk to one of us in person, or grill us about one the blog posts, please join us.

The session schedule is:

Empire, Economy, and Urban Society at Aztec Period Calixtlahuaca, Mexico

Michael E. Smith
Archaeological Fieldwork at Calixtlahuaca
Maelle Sergheraert
Calixtlahuaca’s embedded carved stones: Symbols of religion, power and markers of cultural changes.

Adrian Burke and GillesGauthier
Geochemical Characterization of Obsidian from the Toluca Valley using XRF

Bradford W. Andrews, RPA
Calixtlahuaca Stone Tools: Technological Trends and Their Socioeconomic Implications

Julieta Lopez, Marina Vega-Gonzalez, Manuel Aguilar-Franco and Jose Luis Ruvalcaba-Sil
Stones that Speak. The Slate from Calixtlahuaca. Sources, Function and Distribution

Angela C. Huster
Of Comales, Cotton, and Aztec Orangeware: The effects of Aztec Conquest at Calixtlahuaca

Jennifer L. Meanwell
A Petrographic Analysis of Domestic Pottery Consumption at Calixtlahuaca

Juliana Novic
Social Mixing in the Neighborhoods of Aztec Period Calixtlahuaca, Mexico

Ryan Smigielski
Calixtlahuaca: A Comparative Analysis on Urban Features and Politics

Frances F. Berdan


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