Wednesday, July 4, 2012

At long last...

586,394* sherds
1,289 lots
6 lab seasons
1 dedicated crew

I would like to announce that we’re officially done classifying the ceramics from the 2007 excavations.  I’d like to thank everyone who washed, classified, skimmed, cataloged, entered data, or supplied coffee to make getting here possible.

Now we just have to make sense out the boogers.  This will require more coffee.

Judith and Janeth classifying the very last lot

*Give or take a few dozen.  We still have to enter the last two weeks of classifications into the database and differences between the rough count at washing and the final classification can cause the numbers to bounce around a bit.


Michael E. Smith said...

I was just taking the photo of Judith and Janeth for the heck of it, without realizing that they were on the last context. But we aren't finished with sherds just yet! Still more attributes, photos, drawing, measurements, checking catalogs, making sure everything is tight in the type collection. We'd be in trouble if the Colegio coffee machine stopped working.....

E. Ortiz said...

Pretty nice blog! My uncle used to live very near from this archeological site. That's how I know about the existence of this place.
Of course, I am NOT a xenophobic but it's sad that there are not too many mexicans studying our history.
I remember I visited the place maybe 12 or 15 years ago and it's so different from the photos I saw in this blog.
Greetings from mexico city. I'll be reading the blog.
PS: sorry for bad english! :D